Volume 15 No 1
May 2021

Summer Sun Safety: There’s an app for that!

National and international agencies encourage all people to pay attention to the UV-Index rating every day before venturing outside. Solar radiation is also a concern for people who work outdoors, especially during the hot days of summer. Outdoor work potentially puts them at risk for UV ray overexposure, dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Summer activity health promotion and prevention campaigns have traditionally been done by word of mouth, health literature (pamphlets, flyers, posters, and so on) or via mass media including billboards, television, radio, and more recently, the internet and mobile devices. All of these mediums can be effective tools to reinforce summer safety, but perhaps the most convenient are mobile devices and relevant safety and health promotion apps.

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NRPR 104: The Rise of Telehealth
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NRBU 103: The Promise of Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare
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NRBU 104: Harnessing HIPAA for
Optimal Care

HIPAA rules and principles in nursing practice


Informatics in the time of COVID-19

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major impacts on global society, including huge challenges for health care.

Informatics teams are a critical part of these efforts, serving as support, facilitating new methods of delivering care, and aiding in tracking and forecasting the related impact data. Let’s look at some of the major ways informatics shines during this critical time and some resources to aid in these processes.

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