Pinning Treasures with Pinterest

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I practically live on my computer. That is a common statement in this day and age, I know – but as a baby boomer, I think I am a bit of an anomaly. In the process of so much digital time, I come across many sites and online resources worth bookmarking. My browser bookmarks are extensive, but not really all that user friendly and certainly not pretty to look at.

When I first joined Facebook (seven years ago) I enjoyed using my ‘wall’ as a link display – I appreciated how a beautiful illustrated link would instantly appear just by pasting in a website url. Alas, with all of the Facebook changes, my links seem to disappear into obscurity in just a few days. I find it frustrating to try to scroll down and find my most recent favorite link or video on my wall…where on earth did they go???? Sheer punishment FB Gang!

Then I stumbled upon Pinterest. I know there are other sites like it but this one appealed to my strong love of graphics and visuals. I added the Pinterest tool to my toolbar and am happily pinning to my heart’s content. Pinterest works like a digital pinning board – the kind people sometimes have in their kitchens or hallways to pin important notes, their child’s newest creation, and so on. Do people still do that? Or have we all gone digital?

In any case, Pinterest has become a daily activity that I love to engage with. You can start boards on any topics – avid pinners amass dozens, some even hundreds of interesting colorful and satisfyingly vivid collections of links, videos, and other resources all cataloged according to themes. For instance here are my boards, which range from Nursing Informatics to Natural Living – and I am just getting started!

Pinterest IS social media, which makes it easy to follow people, favorite their boards, or repin a link you appreciate. Check it out – you won’t be able to resist!

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