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NRPR 102:
Human Factors in Nursing Informatics


This 5 hour course introduces nurses to human factors essential to effective application of nursing informatics in practice. Topics focus on the human factors of ergonomics, human-computer interaction, usability, learnability, memorability, likeability, readability, asepsis, and aesthetics. This course is self-paced, completely online, and is evaluated by participation activities and completing a final test of your understanding of the content.


This course is intended to provide the learner with the opportunity to:

  • Examine key principles of ergonomics relevant to the use of technology and computers in nursing practice.
  • Analyze theory and research related to human-computer interfaces in the context of nursing.
  • Recognize the importance of asepsis and client safety when using computers and other technologies at the point of care, especially at the client bedside.
  • Understand the principles of usability, learnability, memorability, likeability, readability, and aesthetics in the context of nursing informatics in practice.


Learners will be assessed using the following methods:

  • 2 Journal Entries - worth 25%
  • Final Test - worth 75%
  • Passing Grade: 60%


A digital Board Approved Certificate of Completion will be issued for 5 contact hours once the course is completed (California Board of Nursing Approved).


Tuition is only $33. Once registered in our secure commerce area you can select the course and pay using PayPal (to process your credit card, bank withdrawal or e-check payment), Company/Institutional Check or Money Order to register for the course. Please note, if you elect to pay using e-check, check or money order, there will be a waiting period before enrollment, until the payment has cleared. Once registered, you will be manually enrolled to access the course within the course area, and your user name and password will be emailed to you. You can register at any time, since this is a 1 to 1 course and is done at your own pace. Click button to enroll in NRPR 102 now!

Course Content

  • PART A: Ergonomics and Asepsis

  • PART B: Human-computer interaction, usability, learnability, memorability, likeability, readability, and aesthetics

This course has been designed for prepare nurses to meet the requirements of various certification programs, e.g. Topic II: Human Factors.

It will also serve as an excellent short CE course for nurses who use computers in the hospital or community practice setting. The theory and assignments are designed to help you to learn to apply critical thinking and a wide angle lens to your engagement with computers and other technologies within the workplace and in your private life.

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