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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the questions that interested nurses frequently ask about our courses.

Q1. Are these courses really self-paced? Or is there a deadline for completion?

A1. All of our CE courses are absolutely self-paced! You will remain enrolled in the course until you are finished - no matter how long it takes! Some people finish the longer courses in a matter of weeks while others have taken a year of more to complete them, which suited their own life style and learning needs. You will never feel pressured from us to complete your course - we will support you all the way for as long as it takes!

Q2. All of the CE courses that I have taken consist of readings and a multiple choice test at the end. Is that how these courses are offered?

A2. Our shorter courses, such as the Theory courses are set up this way - you will read assigned articles then complete an open book multiple choice exam. The longer courses are more engaging and are evaluated using a variety of learning modes including journals, forum discussions, database creations, spreadsheet and worksheets, web quests, glossary item creations, and other creative activities.

Q3. Will these courses help me to prepare for Nursing Informatics Certification?

A3. All of our courses are carefully constructed to provide theory and practical knowledge relevant to nursing informatics certification. For instance, we have many students who take them to prepare for the ANCC Certification exam or renew their Speciality licence. Certification guidelines outline that up to 50% of required continuing education hours from such courses are acceptable (Initial Certification = up to 15 hours; Renewal = up to 37.5 hours).

Q4. Can I use these courses to meet my State licence CE requirements?

A4. Yes, these courses are approved by the California Board of Nursing for full CE credit; CE Provider No. CEP 14891. Most State & Country licencing Boards accept CE credit approved by other State Boards.

Q5. I am a complete beginner in the world of Nursing Informatics. Will these courses help me?

A5. Yes, these courses are designed to provide a comprehensive and wide-angle lens view of nursing informatics to help ground beginners in the fundamentals and still meet the more diverse needs of those with more advanced knowledge.

Q6. I teach nursing and want to learn how to include nursing informatics in my class, as well as how to design online courses. Will these courses help me?

A6. Yes, our NRED courses are designed to do just that. You will engage in hands-on online course development in NRED 100 and 200, and learn how to integrate nursing informatics into the classroom, step by step in NRED 103. The NRPR courses can also be very valuable for nursing faculty, since they provide concrete nursing informatics theory and knowledge that can be applied to your teaching.

Q7. We are interested in discussing with you further how we might integrate your courses into our current curriculum for our nursing students (undergraduate and graduate). Is this possible?

A7. Yes, most definitely. These courses are perfect for including in any existing or emerging nursing program. They have been written in the same format as an university semester or term based program, and consist of 13 individual modules.

My on-line students progress through these courses at their own pace, but the content can also be regularly studied to be completed in time for term end. The inherent customization also provides both rigor and leveling so that the content can be suitable for either undergraduate or graduate study. The courses can also be streamlined to meet the needs of various health regions or informatics group for practicing RN professional development.

Q8. What payment methods do you use for the CE course tuition? My employer is paying for my course.

A8. We accept credit card, bank transfer or e-check payments using our secure PayPal service, as well as mailed bank drafts and money orders. If your employer is paying for your tuition, we also accept official company/organization checks.

Q9. What is your refund policy?

A9. We work hard to keep our tuition costs low - we are much lower than most nursing informatics CE courses. Please be aware that we do not issue refunds. We will however give you credit towards an alternate course of equal value, if you so choose (within a reasonable initial time frame of course). These courses do require some work, both in thought and action. They also require some technological savvy, self-motivation, and time. Graduates of our courses all agree though that the time and effort is worth it, in the end.

Q10. Are the courses completely online, or do I receive (and send) materials in the mail as well?

A10. The courses are completely online. All materials are available as web pages and web based activities as well as printable pdf files for saving or printing. We use the latest version of Moodle, a learning management system.

Q11. How do I enroll in a course?

A11. Once you have decided which course(s) you wish to take, create an account in our E-Commerce Center to pay your tuition. If you are paying by credit card, you will be directed to our doubly secure PayPal service, and led through the steps to make your payment. Once tuition is paid, you will be sent your user name and password to login to your particular course.

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