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NRPR 101:
Nursing Informatics Fundamentals


This 13 module (39 CE credit) course introduces nurses or other health professionals to nursing informatics theory, practice applications, self-assessment and skill development for the future. This course entails 39 instruction hours, equivalent in length to a standard 3 credit college course. This course is personalized, self-paced and taken entirely online in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office. You will receive one to one interaction with your instructor and your modes of assessment and study will be fine-tuned to suit your personal learning styles, preferences and needs.

Practice includes learning how to utilize computer technology for documentation, communication, health challenge research, discharge planning, emanicipatory client education, professional development, networking and health team collaboration. A self-focused component provides practice in applying the techniques to improve competency development, and to streamline preferential skill development.


This course is intended to provide the learner with the opportunity to:

  • Understand and apply theory related to computer-human interfaces, ethics, confidentiality and privacy, caring, ergonomics and nursing informatics to nursing practice.
  • Explore the dynamics of combining computer technology with nursing practice
  • Apply principles of data and information documentation to selected computer applications
  • Customize informatics competency development and professional development planning to meet personal preferences and learning needs
  • Practice client education development using selected computer applications
  • Explore the use of computer technology for documentation, decision making, collaboration and networking
  • Create a personal nursing informatics competency plan
  • Apply, engage in and assess the utility of this personalized competency plan through a self-determined project


Learners will be assessed using the following methods:

  • Short Answer Journals, Quizzes and Worksheets: 25%
  • Personal Informatics Competency Analysis: 10%
  • Personal Competency & Project Plan: 30%
  • Competency Plan & Project Analysis: 25%


Upon completion, learners will receive a Board Approved Certificate of Completion for 39 CE credits in digital format.


Tuition is only $199 USD. Once registered in our secure commerce area you can select the course and pay using PayPal (to process your credit card, bank withdrawal or e-check payment), Company/Institutional Check or Money Order to register for the course. Please note, if you elect to pay using e-check, check or money order, there will be a waiting period before enrollment, until the payment has cleared. Once registered, you will be manually enrolled to access the course within the course area, and your user name and password will be emailed to you. You can register at any time, since this is a 1 to 1 course and is done at your own pace. Click button to enroll in NRPR 101 now!

Course Modules

  • MODULE ONE: Nursing Informatics Fundamentals

  • MODULE TWO: Data, Documentation, Electronic Health Records, Ethics, Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security

  • MODULE THREE: Introduction to Information Systems for Nursing Point of Care and Clinical Systems: NIS, HIS, mHealth

  • MODULE FOUR: Introduction to Information Systems for Nursing: Tele-health, E-health and Community Systems

  • MODULE FIVE: Nursing Informatics in Client Education: Clinical, Web-based, Kiosk & mHealth applications

  • MODULE SIX: Nursing Informatics in Transitional, Follow-up Care and Discharge Planning

  • MODULE SEVEN: Human-computer Interfaces, Ergonomics, Asepsis, and Client Safety

  • MODULE EIGHT: Nursing Decision Support and Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence

  • MODULE NINE: Collaborative Information Technology, Networking, Social Media and Cyber-culture

  • MODULE TEN: Technology and Caring, Advocacy and Activism

  • MODULE ELEVEN: Nursing Informatician Roles, Responsibilities, Opportunities and Education

  • MODULE TWELVE: Introduction to Nursing Informatics in Research and Project Management

  • MODULE THIRTEEN: Continuing Competencies in Nursing Informatics; Life-long Learning; ePortfolios, Technological Evolution and Skills

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