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Semester One to Eight Learning Activities

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Course Number Course Title Learning Activity

NRSG 1111

NRSG 1121

NRSG 1130

NRSG 1141

NRSG 3500

NRSG 3500

NRSG 3500

NRSG 3500

NRSG 3520

NRSG 3540

Health 1

Professional Growth 1

Self and Others 1

Nursing Practice 1

Program Orient'n: Intro to Nursing

Program Orient'n: Intro to Nursing

Program Orient'n: Intro to Nursing

Program Orient'n: Intro to Nursing

Relational Engagement 1

Quantitative Research

Electronic Literature Search

Nursing Informatics as Competency

Reverie Journaling & Blogging

Computers in Nursing Practice

Online Learning, Moodle and Textbooks

ePortfolio Overview & Assignment

Introduction to Tablets and Apps

Multimedia Software Introduction

mHealth Apps applied to Holistic Personal Development

Ethical, Power and Technological Issues in Quantitative Research


NRSG 1210

NRSG 1231

NRSG 1241

NRSG 3550

NRSG 3620

Health 2

Self and Others 2

Nursing Practice 2

Nursing Roles 1

Relational Engagement 2

World Wide Web Resources

E-Mail; Netiquette

Personal Portfolio (Spreadsheets)

Nursing Roles in eHealth

eHealth and RE for Mental Health


NRSG 2111

NRSG 2141

NRSG 2160

Healing 1

Nursing Practice 3

Pathophysiology I

Hospital Nursing Information Systems

Electronic Discharge Planning

Online Health Challenge Research


NRSG 2211

NRSG 2220

NRSG 2241

NRSG 2260

NRSG 4520

NRSG 4550

Healing 2

Professional Growth 2

Nursing Practice 4

Pathophysiology 2

Rel Engagement: Family Context

Teaching & Learning

Technology and Caring

Health Information: Nurse Components

Confidentiality and Security

Multimedia Teaching in Pathophysiology

Support of Families and eHealth

Planning Health Education: Materials, Using Technology


NRSG 3111

NRSG 3141

NRSG 3160

NRSG 3170

NRSG 4530

NRSG 4540

NRSG 4610

NRSG 4620

Health 3

Nursing Practice 5

Health Science 3

Issues in Bioethics

Health Promotion: Community

Critical Inquiry: Nursing Theories

Community Practice & Praxis

Relational Engagement: Community Context

Client Education & Prevention

Nurses and eHealth

Nursing Expert Systems & AI

Bioethical Issues and Technology

Community Based Inform. Technology

Use of IT by Nurse Theorists

Rural Community Care and Telehealth

Engagement through Community
eHealth & Social Networks

Course Number Course Title Learning Activity

NRSG 3211

NRSG 3220

NRSG 3225

NRSG 3231

NRSG 3241

NRSG 4650

NRSG 4650

NRSG 4720

Health 4

Nursing Research

Nursing Inquiry

Self and Others 3

Nursing Practice 6

Health Care Leadership

Health Care Leadership

Relational Engagement:
Global Context

Health Promotion Cyber-Tools

Research Software and Tools

Website Development

Online Collaboration, Networks & COPs

Computers & Community Development

Workplace Technology and Informatics

Self-promotion (Resumes, ePortfolios)

Social Marketing and Technologies
for Global Health


NRSG 4111

NRSG 4120

NRSG 4141

Nurses Influencing Change

Data Analysis

Nursing Practice 7

Media as Medium for Change

Data Analysis Software

CHINS, Telenursing, Societal Health


NRSG 4242

Consolidated Nursing Practice

Lifelong Learning and Computers
(Portfolio Development II)


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