New Course! NRBU 104: Harnessing HIPPA for Optimal Care

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This 5 module course (15 CE credits) introduces the learner to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and how it supports optimal care. Learners will further their knowledge about how HIPPA protects privacy and security of health data, provides protection against data breaches and supports client access to their own health information.

The course is assessed using practical applications of HIPPA rules and principles in nursing practice. Throughout the course, nurses are encouraged to explore how HIPPA provides tangible guidelines that enhance practice settings. This course is personalized, self-paced and taken entirely online in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.


This course is intended to provide the learner with the opportunity to:

  • Examine key rules and principles of HIPPA for privacy and security of client data.
  • Discuss how HIPPA supports optimal healthcare.
  • Explore the role of encryption, security and privacy in health technology. 
  • Analyze the role of nurses to reduce human error when using health technology.
  • Explore HIPPA risk management, contingency, and compliance plans in healthcare.
  • Describe how HIPAA violations are evaluated for non-compliance. 
  • Recognize the importance of client rights in the context of the HIPPA Privacy Rule.


Module 1: The Evolution of HIPPA

Module 2: HIPPA Rules and Regulations

Module 3: HIPAA Compliance for Health Organizations

Module 4: HIPAA Compliance for Health Professionals 

Module 5: HIPPA and Client data Ownership and Rights

Credits: 15 CE hours

Length: 5 modules

Tuition: $99

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