Introducing our Newest CE Course at NILC!

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Over the next few months, NILC will be offering even more nursing informatics continuing courses. We currently have several in the works – this month we launched our newest course, NRPR 103.


NRPR 103: mHealth for Continuity of Care


Man using a smart phone

Man using a smart phone

This 5 module (15 CE credit) course introduces the learner to the evolving phenomena of mobile health (mHealth) in the context of continuity of care, prevention, and health promotion. The escalating use of mHealth in health care and lifestyle management is explored, grounded in the principles and theory of electronic health monitoring, networking, and mobile communications.


A key factor in the swift evolution of mHealth is the astounding availability of devices – people all around the globe have access to some sort of mobile device. In fact, in some countries, mobile devices are more readily available (and used) than any other technology, including computers. Since so many people already have mobile devices and know how to use them for day to day activities, the demand for and ability to easily use mHealth apps on these devices are growing exponentially.


The course is assessed using practical applications of principles and theory and an exploration of various mobile applications (apps) for lifestyle monitoring, access to information and teaching, support, and clinical communication.


Throughout the course, nurses are encouraged to explore and assess various mobile apps for value and utility in promoting continuity of care.


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