The Nursing Informatics Summer Sale Continues…..

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Summer SaleTake advantage of our Annual NILC course Summer Sale! Summer can be the perfect time to earn your required CE credits for license renewal plus increase your knowledge and skills in the fascinating realm of nursing informatics!
Each week in July and August,  particular courses will be offered for 20% off the usual low tuition fee.

This week our summer sale features two of our most popular longer courses and all of the Theory short courses:
NRPR 101: Nursing Informatics Fundamentals for $159.20 (regular $199 USD).

NRBU 100: Web Presence for Nursing for $159.20 (regular $199 USD).

NRTH 100: Novice to Expert Theory for $16 (regular $20 USD).

NRTH 101: Diffusion of Innovation Theory for $16 (regular $20 USD).

NRTH 102: Lewin’s Theory for $16 (regular $20 USD).

NRTH 103: Appreciative Inquiry Theory for $16 (regular $20 USD).

This sale is in effect from July 27 through August 3, 2015.
Be sure to check back often to benefit from our weekly summer sales!
These courses are completed completely online and are approved by the Board of Nursing, State of California.

Enroll Now in NRPR 101  or NRBU 100 or a Theory course...

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