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Remote monitoring

Trends in Remote Patient Monitoring

by June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c)Editor in Chief Citation: Kaminski, J. (2023). Editorial. Remote Patient Monitoring. Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics, 18(3). https://cjni.net/journal/?p=12212 One trend that is emerging from using technology in healthcare is the ability to care for clients virtually in the comfort of their own homes. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is one offshoot of these developments which can… Read more →

Reducing the Environmental Impacts of using Technologies

Reducing the Environmental Impacts of using Technologies

by June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c) Editorial Citation: Kaminski, J. (2023). Editorial. Reducing the Environmental Impacts of using Technologies. Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics, 18(1).  https://cjni.net/journal/?p=10851 The continual evolution of digital technologies has transformed the way we work, live, and play. This persistent growth often linked to positive environmental effects was strongly illustrated during the Covid-19 pandemic when most people… Read more →

Nursing and Cyber Security Awareness

by June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c) Editor in Chief   EDITORIAL October is recognized as Cyber Security Awareness Month in several countries, including Canada. “Cyber Security Awareness Month is an internationally recognized campaign held each October to inform the public of the importance of cyber security. This campaign is focused on helping all Canadians be more secure online, by being… Read more →

Collaborative Qualitative Research as a Learning Tool in Nursing Education

by June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c) CJNI Editor in Chief   Introduction Most BSN nursing programs include a course in nursing research. In the program I teach in, two courses are offered: one in qualitative research and the other in quantitative research. The students who come into this program already have a degree in some other discipline ranging from kinesiology… Read more →

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark for User-Friendly Web Creations

by June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c) Adobe software has been an industry leader in the creative and publishing fields for years. Due to the quality and high standing, access to their software is considered quite expensive and beyond the range of many users, especially when used for education or personal purposes. Creative and professional designers do invest in the Creative… Read more →

Integrating Telehealth into Simulation

Presented at Teaching with Pizzazz Conference, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, April 21, 2017 Abstract A demonstration to show how telehealth equipment like the new Livecare case and cart recently purchased by KPU can enhance the Faculty of Health simulation labs significantly by providing necessary education in utilizing telehealth equipment to assess, document, store, and discuss practice-related health data and information. This… Read more →

CJNI Journal

Call for Submissions to the CJNI

The Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics (CJNI) is looking for papers, presentations, book/web site/software/resource reviews, and other digital works related to Nursing Informatics in Practice, Education, Research and Administration. Please join us in showcasing how Nursing Informatics is being shaped in Canada and globally. Please do not think that your work is not “good enough”! If it pertains to nursing… Read more →