Nursing informatics applied to leadership and management in nursing.

This 13 module (39 CE credit) course introduces self-employed nurses, nurses designing infrastructure sites, and health professionals wishing to provide health related web sites on the internet to the theory, application, ethics, and process of creating web sites for business, collaboration, e-health, and client education. The learner will create a personal web site as part of the assessment process. This course entails 39 instruction hours, equivalent in length to a standard 3 credit college course. This course is personalized, self-paced and taken entirely online in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office. You will receive one to one interaction with your instructor and your modes of assessment and study will be fine-tuned to suit your personal learning styles, preferences and needs.

This 5 module (15 CE credit) course introduces nurses to the amazing  phenomena of social media in the context of nursing practice, leadership  and professional development. The escalating use of social media in  health care and society at large is explored, grounded in the principles  and theory of Web 2.0 networking and creativity. The course is assessed  using practical applications of principles and theory including the  step-by-step creation and development of (or expansion of existing)  nursing/professional accounts using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, and Youtube.

This 5 module (15 CE credit) course introduces the learner to the principles and theories of system design life cycles in the context of health technology and nursing informatics. System theory is a strong component of any nursing informatics program or certification examination. It is important for all nurses to understand the basics of system theory applied to technological design, especially when applied within patient care settings.

The course is assessed using practical applications of principles and theory and an exploration of system design in health care settings. Throughout the course, nurses are encouraged to explore and assess various system design life cycle models to develop a wide lens understanding of theories and practicalities for practice settings.