Nursing Informatics applied to nursing practice

This 13 module (39 CE credit) course introduces nurses or other health professionals to nursing informatics theory, practice applications, self-assessment and skill development for the future. This course entails 39 instruction hours, equivalent in length to a standard 3 credit college course. This course is personalized, self-paced and taken entirely online in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office. You will receive one to one interaction with your instructor and your modes of assessment and study will be fine-tuned to suit your personal learning styles, preferences and needs.

This 5 hour course introduces nurses to human factors essential to effective application of nursing informatics in practice. Topics focus on the human factors of ergonomics, human-computer interaction, usability, learnability, memorability, likeability, readability, asepsis, and aesthetics. This course is self-paced, completely online, and is evaluated by participation activities and completing a final test of your understanding of the content.

This 5 module (15 CE credit) course introduces the learner to the evolving phenomena of mobile health (mHealth) in the context of continuity of care, prevention, and health promotion. The escalating use of mHealth in health care and lifestyle management is explored, grounded in the principles and theory of electronic health monitoring, networking, and mobile communications. The course is assessed using practical applications of principles and theory and an exploration of various mobile applications (apps) for lifestyle monitoring, access to information and teaching, support, and clinical communication. Throughout the course, nurses are encouraged to explore and assess various mobile apps for value and utility in promoting continuity of care.