22 December

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A growing selection of videos produced by the UBC Faculty of Education on YouTube, featuring Faculty such as Dr Mary Bryson, etc.

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06 June

Petrina Under the Corporate Thumb

Under the Corporate Thumb: Troubles With Our MATE (Modular
Approach to Technology Education)

Petrina 1993

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Petrina Tech and Rights

Technology and Rights

Petrina 2004

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Petrina - Two Cultures

Two cultures of technical courses and discourses: the case of computer aided design

Petrina 2003

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Petrina Questioning

Questioning the language that we use: a reaction to pannabecker's critique of the technological impact metaphor

Petrina 1992

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Petrina Problem Posing

Problem Posing-Adding a Creative Increment to Technological Problem Solving

Petrina 1998

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Petrina Politics of Research

The Politics of Research in Technology Education: A Critical Content and Discourse Analysis Of the Journal of Technology Education, Volumes 1-8

Petrina 1998

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Petrina Politics of Curriculum

The politics of curriculum and instructional design/theory/form: critical problems, projects, units, and modules.

Petrina 2004

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Petrina Political Ecology of Design

The Political ecology of design and technology education: an inquiry into methods

Petrina 2000

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Petrina Objects of Culture

The Objects of Culture: Bruno Latour and the relationship between science and culture

Petrina 1999

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Petrina Multidisciplinary

Multidisciplinary Technology Education

Petrina 1998

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Petrina Men at work

Men At Work: Inspecting the Foundations of Technology Education

Petrina 1998

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Petrina Introductory Design

Introductory Design Drawing for Technology Teachers

Petrina 2003

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Petrina Curriculum Development

Curriculum change in technology education: a theoretical perspective on personal relevance curriculum designs.

Petrina 1992

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Petrina Change and Tech

Change and Technology in the USA: a resource book for studying the geography and history of technology

Petrina book 2004

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