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How Do Health Information Websites Score on a 100-Point Customer Satisfaction Scale?

Private-sector health information websites scored a 79 on a 100-point customer satisfaction scale, while health insurance websites scored a 51, according to a study by ForeSee, a customer experience analytics firm.

Public-sector health information websites scored a 78 on the scale, according to the study. The study defined public-sector health information websites as those maintained by the federal government and not-for-profit organizations.

Meanwhile, hospital and health system websites scored a 78.

Two sub-categories of private-sector health information websites -- sites that included information about pharmaceuticals and health products -- both scored a 76.

The study also found that health information website visitors who give a satisfaction rating of 80 or higher say they are 127% more likely to use the site as their main resource for interacting with a health care organization.

Results are based on an analysis of 100,000 surveys conducted from August to September 2011.

Source: ForeSee, "The 2011 ForeSee Healthcare Benchmark"

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