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SUMMER 2003    

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June Kaminski    

Nursing Informatics Study Report Released by CNIA

The CNIA or Canadian Nursing Informatics Association has published their recent study, funded by the OHIH, entitled Educating Tomorrow's Nurses: Where's Nursing Informatics?

Key investigator, Dr. Heather Clarke described the purpose of this work: "The overall goal of the national study was to promote the development of nursing informatics (NI) competencies required now and in the future for clinical nursing practice and education. The national study aimed to describe the current situation of undergraduate nursing informatics education in Canada."
All Canadian Schools of Nursing with undergraduate education programs comprised the target audience for the survey component, for a potential number of schools participating being 81. The final study cohort available was 77 schools.

Several crucial findings and recommendations related to the development of nursing informatics in Canada were presented in the report. The CNIA plans to actively address these recommendations in partnership with other national nursing organizations. The full report is available online at: www.cnia.ca/OHIHfinaltoc.htm

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