This 13 module (39 credit) course introduces nursing educators, scholars, leaders, and students to the theory, application, technical skills and process of integrating nursing informatics into nursing education and practice. Learners will create lessons, portfolios, documents, assignments and learning plans which integrate nursing informatics theory and skills into both the content and the mode of learning (whether linguistic, visual, kinesthetic, spatial, and so on). This course entails 39 instruction hours, equivalent in length to a standard 3 credit college course. This course is personalized, self-paced and taken entirely online in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office. You will receive one to one interaction with your instructor and your modes of assessment and study will be fine-tuned to suit your personal learning styles, preferences and needs.

Practice includes learning how to customize the online environment to teach a selected nursing topic. The principles of learning styles, adult learning, virtual pedagogy, e-learning, lesson plans, portfolio development, document sharing, assignment and test development will be incorporated and applied to the customization of the online learning environment within a select course management system interface.