Nursing Informatics Competencies
E-mail, Web Knowledge Rubric
Name: ________________________ Self Assessment


3- Most Of The Time
2- Some Of The Time
1- Seldom

Email Account:

Do you currently use an e-mail address?


Service Account:

Do you have an Internet provider for your home or office computer?



Do you know what a list serve or electronic discussion group is


Mailing Lists:

Have you ever subscribed to a mailing discussion list?



Have you ever used a browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer to visit the WorldWide Web?



Have you ever participated in an asynchronous computer conference, on-line chatgroup or news group?



Do you use e-mail regularly?



Have you ever saved a web page, printed a web page or created a web page


Search Engines:

Can you locate three major search engines on the Web?



Do you know how to save a selected web page as a bookmark for future reference?

Add Up Overall Scores --------------->      

Total Score___________

If you score above 32 points, you probably have the skill level you need.

If you score between 20 and 30, you have some skill but need more practice.

If you score below 20, you need more training and practice.

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