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Alliance for National Renewal (USA)
The National Civic League offers this site to outline a century of community building. A 107-year-old non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to strengthening citizen democracy by transforming democratic institutions. NCL accomplishes its mission through technical assistance, training, publishing, research, and the All-America City Awards, the nation's oldest and most prestigious community recognition program.

Assessing Self-Help Community Development Tools
Final report of a research project conducted by Rural and Small Town Programme at Mount Allison University in Atlantic Canada to assess how communities used self help tools for community capacity building. (PDF format).

Canada and Agenda 21
At the Earth Summit in Rio de Janerio, June 1992, governments from around the world agreed to Agenda 21. This workplan identifies what needs to be done by all of us to achieve sustainable development in the 21st century. Canadian responses to Agenda 21 were compiled by representatives of all sectors of Canadian society, meeting as part of the Projet de société.. We have endeavoured to capture the essence of Agenda 21; identify Canadian policies and positions with respect to Earth Summit objectives; and identify what Canadians are doing, or are planning to do, which is consistent with those objectives.

The Citizen's Handbook
From Vancouver, this is the most complete grassroots organizing guide available on the Internet. This work is meant to encourage the emergence of more active citizens - people motivated by an interest in public issues, and a desire to make a difference beyond their own private lives. Active citizens are a great untapped resource, and citizenship is a quality to be nurtured.

Canadian Council on Social Development
One of Canada's most authoritative voices promoting better social and economic security for all Canadians. A national, self-supporting, non-profit organization, the CCSD's main product is information and its main activity is research, focussing on concerns such as income security, employment, poverty, child welfare, pensions and government social policies.

Community Collaborative Wellness Tool
A Together We Can Initiative. The goal of the Tool is to strengthen the capacity of collaborative systems reform initiatives to change how public, private, and community institutions work together to support children, youth, and families. The Tool reflects the experiences of many community collaboratives in working toward comprehensive reforms. It raises issues collaboratives must address in accomplishing their ultimate goals of improved results for children, youth, families, and neighborhoods.

Community Connections Information Clearinghouse
The Information Center for the Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Community Computer Networks, Free-Nets, and City-Regional Guides (International)
This site is maintained by volunteers of the Victoria Telecommunity Network as a free service to the Internet community.

Community Development (HRDC - Canada)
The Community Development Handbook has been created by the Labour Market Learning and Development Unit at Human Resources Development Canada to support the understanding and effective application of community development.

Community Development Handbook
This handbook has been created by the Labour Market Learning and Development Unit at Human Resources Development Canada to support the understanding and effective application of community development.

Community Development Toolbox
Effective and sustainable community and economic development is best achieved by following the four key principles of the Community Empowerment Initiative - Economic Opportunity, Sustainable Community Development, Community-based Partnerships, and Strategic Vision for Change.

Inclusive Social Policy Development: Ideas for Practitioners (Ottawa, 1997)
This booklet summarizes some ideas and approaches discussed by participants and resource people at a seminar called Inclusive Social Policy Development: Building Diversity-affirming Communities, that was held in Ottawa from February 13 -15, 1997. The challenge in social policy development is to approach and work with culturally diverse populations both as separate groups in the community, and as a dynamic part of the whole.

International Community Development Society
Founded in 1969, is a professional association for community development practitioners and citizen leaders around the world. CDS members represent a variety of fields: education, health care, social services, government, utilities, economic development practitioners, citizen groups, and more.

International Institute for Sustainable Development
For development to be sustainable it must integrate environmental stewardship, economic development and the well-being of all people—not just for today but for countless generations to come. This is the challenge facing governments, non-governmental organizations, private enterprises, communities and individuals.

Report on the Health of Canadians
This report provides an overview of the health of Canadians of all ages, using a selection of health indicators. The purpose of the report is to increase awareness and understanding about the health status of Canadians and the factors that influence their health. The report can also serve as a tool to help policy makers, health workers, and the public measure Canada's progress in achieving better population health, and to identify actions that can be taken to continue improving the health of our population.

The Communication Initiative
Planning and Strategy Models - Summaries of frameworks and models that can guide and inform communication planning and review exercises. The Communication Initiative is a partnership of development organisations seeking to support advances in the effectiveness and scale of communication interventions for positive international development.

The Determinants of Health
An overview of the social determinants of health by Health Canada and Population and Public Health Branch in Ottawa.

Web Networks Community
Canada's national non-profit Internet solutions provider. Our services for non-profits and activists range from website development and hosting to our ActionPages publishing tools.

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