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APA Electronic Reference Formats by the American Psychological Association
The content is excerpted from the new 5th edition of the Publication Manual. The material provided covers commonly asked questions regarding how to cite electronic media. Outlines the changes in APA's style guidelines for electronic resources with the publication of the 5th edition of the Publication Manual.

Effective Academic Writing: The Argument in Academic Essays.
You may be surprised to hear that the word "argument" does not have to be written anywhere in your assignment for it to be an important part of your task. In fact, making an argument--expressing a point of view on a subject and supporting it with evidence--is often the aim of academic writing. Your instructors may assume that you know this fact, and therefore they may not explain its importance to you in class. Nevertheless, if your writing assignment asks you to respond to reading and discussion in class, your instructor likely expects you to produce an argument in your paper.

"Elements of Style" by William Strunk, Jr.
Complete online version. Classic Resource for serious writers! Asserting that one must first know the rules to break them, this classic reference book is a must-have for any student and conscientious writer. Intended for use in which the practice of composition is combined with the study of literature, it gives in brief space the principal requirements of plain English style and concentrates attention on the rules of usage and principles of composition most commonly violated.

Interesting site offering exercises and fun activities to help you learn to write with clarity, apply language effectively and enhance your ability to engage in nurses' writing.

Essay and Writing Guides for Nurses
Excellent resources for budding writers which lead them to links and articles that can help them engage in the writing process. From getting started to analysis and argument to editing for clarity and style and writing online. From Nurses Info.

Evaluating Internet Resources
From Binghamton University. The WWW is a self-publishing medium where anyone with the appropriate computer, software, and an Internet connection can create and disperse information. Web pages should be evaluated carefully using some of the same criteria one uses to evaluate a print source.

How to build a Positive Attitude about yourself as a Writer
From the University of Texas. A negative attitude toward yourself as a writer can make you anxious and lead you to "block." A positive attitude can guide you realistically through the process.

How to Write a Comparative Analysis
From the Harvard University. Faced with a daunting list of seemingly unrelated similarities and differences, you may feel confused about how to construct a paper that isn't just a mechanical exercise in which you first state all the features that A and B have in common, and then state all the ways in which A and B are different. Predictably, the thesis of such a paper is usually an assertion that A and B are very similar yet not so similar after all. To write a good compare-and-contrast paper, you must take your raw data--the similarities and differences you've observed--and make them cohere into a meaningful argument. Here are the five elements required.

Overview of the Academic Essay
Thesis, Argument, and Counterargument from Harvard University. Any essay has to have a purpose or motive; the mere existence of an assignment or deadline is not sufficient. When you write an essay or research paper, you are never simply transferring information from one place to another, or showing that you have mastered a certain amount of material. That would be incredibly boring--and besides, it would be adding to the glut of pointless utterance. Instead, you should be trying to make the best possible case for an original idea you have arrived at after a period of research--which may entail, depending upon the field, reading and rereading a text, performing an experiment, or carefully observing an object or behavior.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
Discovering-Organizing-Revising-Editing. An interactive, menu-driven, online writer's guide and handbook written in HTML and distributed freely over the WWW. Paradigm is intended to be useful for all writers, from inexperienced to advanced. To get the most from the website, take time to explore its components.

Phrase Finder
A Phrases Thesaurus and Searchable Database. A professional writers' resource for generating ideas for headlines, advertising copy, song lyrics etc. It's a phrases thesaurus. Type in a word and it returns a list of phrases that are related to your word in some way - often in ways you wouldn't expect.

Roget's Thesaurus Online
Thesaurus.com presents an online version of this handy tool for writers, plus a dictionary, games, language resources, translators, word of the day and more.

The Purdue University Writing Lab
Handouts for students and teachers about general writing concerns (the writing process), English as a Second Language (such as writing for an American audience and help with English conventions) , grammar, spelling, and punctuation, research and documenting sources (including MLA and APA styles), professional writing (such as resumes and cover letters), and writing across the curriculum (incorporating writing into a variety of disciplines.)

Threads of Thought: Thesis Development in Analytical Writing
From the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Like topic sentences, theses can be simple (stated explicitly, either in one sentence or in several consecutive sentences), delayed-completion (begun in one sentence and completed at some point later in the essay), assembled (scattered in bits and pieces throughout the essay), or inferred (never explicitly stated--left for the reader to surmise).

Tips for Writing Research Papers
From George Mason University. The first thing you want to do is give yourself enough time to work. For an average length (10-20 pgs) paper you should give yourself a month to adequately collect the library research and materials. At a bare minimum you should give yourself a week. Organization will help you make the most of however much time you have. .

Voice of the Shuttle: Technology of Writing
Generous resources for writing, researching, applying new media to writing, bookware, information technology in education.

Writer's Health Resource Sites for Content and Information
Long list of health journals, periodicals, newsletters, and websites for dependable health information to include in writing.

Writers' Web
Excellent resources for budding writers which lead them through the writing process. From getting started to analysis and argument to editing for clarity and style and writing online. From the University of Richmond.

Writing for Multimedia: A Guide
Covering the ins and outs of writing for computer-based media since 1996, and still 100% free. Review the history of multimedia, get tips on writing for the Web, or buy a helpful book from the online store - by Michael Butzgy.

Writing for the Web
Research on how users read on the Web and how authors should write their Web pages. Mainly based on studies by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen.

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