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We are a multi-faith e-community designed to help you meet your own religious and spiritual needs -- in an interesting, captivating and engaging way.

Deepak Chopra Center for Wellbeing
The essence of all we offer is the recognition that the universe is a dynamic web of energy and information. The Internet is a living, vibrant expression of this understanding, allowing individual fields of awareness to unite across time and space. In this process, we directly experience the expansion of our consciousness as we connect with each other in our shared quest for greater knowledge.

Essentia is a spiritual sanctuary for seeking enlightenment, health and happiness. A portal with extensive web links.

Healing Intent
Holistic health comes from working with the body along with spirit, mind and emotions. Articles, resources, books, forums related to applying the intent to create wellbeing and vitality.

HealthWorld: Spirituality and Health
Useful and enlightening articles, reports, news, interviews on topics like The Spiritual Dimension of Health, The Healing Power of Prayer, The Spiritual Journey, Spiritual Practices, Spirituality & Peak Performance, Death & Dying.

Hinduism Today Online
Wonderful resource from the Himalayan Academy - Hinduism Today publication, Salva Siddhanta Church, Hindu Heritage Endowment, Art & Aums, books, resources.

Holism and Spiritual Care in Nursing Practice
Spiritual needs, and psychosocial needs are much less tangible than physical needs because they are often abstract, complex and more difficult to measure. These more intangible needs have frequently been given a much lower priority than needs which are more obvious and more easily measurable. Spiritual needs, if expressed outside of a religious framework, are very likely to go unnoticed. So if we are to identify spiritual needs and provide spiritual care, it is necessary to have some understanding of the nature of spirituality and how it may be expressed by different individuals.

A very comprehensive, interesting collection of Islamic websites and resources.

Journal of Buddhist Ethics
Established to promote the study of Buddhist ethics through the publication of research articles, discussions and critical notes, bulletins, and reviews. The first academic journal dedicated entirely to Buddhist ethics, and is innovative in adopting a totally electronic mode of publication. In most other respects, however, it will function as a traditional scholarly journal (free subscription).

Parish Nursing and Health Ministries
Provides information and brochures on Parish Nursing, Health ministries, Convalescent homes ministries, the ethics of medical evangelism, and medical missions.

Spirituality and Health: Spiritual Practices for Human Being
Reports on the people, the practices, and the ideas of the current spiritual renaissance. Offers self-tests, guidance on spiritual practices; reviews of the latest resources for people on spiritual journeys; inspiration and insights from leading teachers, researchers, and practitioners; and a forum for the active exchange of ideas among various disciplines and communities.

Spirituality for Today
An interactive monthly magazine dedicated to a variety of current themes and questions concerning the Christian faith in this postmodern age.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong
ITCCA International Tai Chi Chuan Association. The original Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan of the Yang Family - health, internal power for the every day life, movement and energy, meditation, taoist massage, body awareness, harmony & happiness.

The Islam page
A very in-depth directory of Islamic and Quaran teachings and resources.

Understanding Hinduism
Wonderful resource on all aspects of Hindu culture and spiritual beliefs or Sanatan Ved Dharma. Spans from ancient traditional customs and beliefs to contempoary topics such as Hinduism and Quantum Physics.

United Communities of Spirit
A global interfaith network, linking people of diverse faiths and beliefs who want to work with others to build a better world. Our aim is to promote awareness that all humanity is part of the same spiritual family. After logging in, you can choose from a host of options for ways to participate.

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