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Bioethics Bulletin
UB Center for Clinical Ethics & Humanities in Health Care offers a monthly newsletter with Bioethical Reports and News.

Bioethics Discussion Pages
Excellent Learning Resource and Interactive site. Bioethical questions may have significance for all of society and therefore the general public as well as ethicists should get involved and express what they think. Participants may write about any of the topics or invite discussion with a new topic. Join in!

Bioethics for Clinicians
This series is intended to elucidate key concepts in bioethics and to help clinicians to integrate bioethical knowledge into daily practice. These articles are written by scholars in medicine, ethics and law.

Critical essays, articles, American Journal of Bioethics, events, forum, and blog devoted to global bioethical issues.

Bioethics Resources on the Web
A comprehensive directory to bioethical websites. The Internet is replete with resources available to those with an interest in bioethics including education, research involving human participants and animals, medical and health care ethics, and the implications of applied genetics and biotechnology.

Canadian Bioethics Society
This society is a forum for professionals interested in sharing ideas relating to bioethics and in finding solutions to bioethical problems. The Society promotes the teaching of bioethics at all levels of post-secondary and continuing education. The Society also aims to promote research and publication in bioethics and to encourage the dissemination of information on bioethics to professionals in various fields as well as to the general public.

CNA's Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses
The definitive guide to Nursing ethics in Canada from the Canadian Nurses Association (2008 Centennial version).

Ethics and Biotechnology
From Industry Canada, an overview of bioethics with relevant external links to more information.

HAARP - The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Health Effects & Repercussions. HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.

International Center for Bioethics, Culture and Disability
"Although the term disability is used in societies for people labeled as having a medical condition or disease or genetic 'defect' we believe that disability is often a consequence of the societal prejudice, exclusion and environmental societal structures people labeled as having a medical condition or disease or genetic 'defect' are experiencing."

International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics.
Our goals are to develop a more inclusive theory of bioethics encompassing the standpoints and experiences of women and other marginalized social groups, to examine presuppositions embedded in the dominant bioethical discourse that privilege those already empowered, and to create new methodologies and strategies responsive to the disparate conditions of women's lives globally.

New Scientist
Cloning Special Report: Bioethics Forum. Nearly every month, there's news of how cloning technology is poised to change our lives. From agriculture to medicine, from psychology to law, New Scientist's team has followed the potential impact of cloning and stem cell technology every step of the way.

The President's Council on Bioethics
This Council advises the US President on ethical issues related to advances in biomedical science and technology. Topics are diverse ranging from cloning to human dignity.

Towards a Declaration on the Human Genome
Since its creation in 1993, the International Bioethics Committee (IBC) has worked for the elaboration of an international instrument for the protection of the human genome. This declaration was finalized by a Committee of governmental experts, was adopted unanimously and by acclamation at the twenty-ninth session of UNESCO’s General Conference on 11 November 1997. The following year, the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the Declaration.

World Transhumanist Association
An international nonprofit membership organization which advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities. "We support the development of and access to new technologies that enable everyone to enjoy better minds, better bodies and better lives. In other words, we want people to be better than well."

W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics
From the University of British Columbia's Centre for Applied Ethics. Research, Education, Links, Organizations and Training Opportunities.

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