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A Genre Approach to Applying Critical Social Theory
to Information Systems Development

Tero Päivärinta Information Technology Research Institute University of Jyvaskyla, Finland presented this paper, "Critical Social Theory has been regarded as an alternative approach to information systems development in the era of ubiquitous information technologies and extensive applications. However, critical theorists have so far clarified few fundamental concepts to be actually discussed, planned and implemented in practical development initiatives to constitute a proper systems development approach. This paper contributes by reflecting fundamental concepts of the genre theory of organisational communication on the goals and guiding principles of Critical Social Theory.

Canadian Nursing Informatics Association
The mission of the CNIA is to be the voice for Nursing Informatics in Canada. Recognizing the importance of the work the CNIA is undertaking, the Canadian Nurses Association has granted emerging group status to the CNIA. The CNIA is also affiliated with COACH, Canada's National Health Informatics Association. Through this strategic alliance CNIA is the Canadian nursing nominee to the International Medical Informatics Association - Special Interest Group in Nursing Informatics (IMIA-SIGNI).

CIHI: Canadian Institute of Health Information
This report provides up-to-date information on what we know and don't know about the performance of Canada's health care system. Topics covered in the report include the continuum of care, health expenditures, Canada's health care professionals, and outcomes of care. Included with this report is the Health Indicators insert, providing new data on a range of health and health system-related indicators at both regional and provincial/territorial levels.

Canadian Organization for Advancement of Computers in Health (COACH)
An organization of more than 750 health executives, physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals, researchers, educators, information technology managers and vendors. Members form a network of specialists in the Healthcare industry across Canada. This network provides an opportunity for the exchange of information and ideas through personal contact with colleagues, locally and nationally.

The Computer-Based Patient Record: An Essential Technology for Health Care
Health care professionals and policymakers seeking to ensure greater value in health care services face many boundary conditions that are fixed and a host of problems that are not. Today, the opportunity to affect one of those boundary conditions—the information management capabilities in health care—is within our grasp. This report advocates the prompt development and implementation of computer-based patient records (CPRs). Put simply, this Institute of Medicine committee believes that CPRs and CPR systems have a unique potential to improve the care of both individual patients and populations and, concurrently, to reduce waste through continuous quality improvement.

FCC Telecom and Health Committee
The convergence of healthcare technology and telecommunications technology offers an extraordinary opportunity to expand the availability and affordability of modern healthcare. Whether it is long-distance video-conferencing with specialists, the transmission of images or data, the availability of patient information, or medical education materials on the Internet, telemedicine expands access to healthcare.

Informatics Review
E-journal of the Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems. The Informatics Review is a electronic serial designed to allow busy medical and information system professionals interested in the latest academic developments in clinical informatics and computing to stay abreast of this rapidly evolving field.

National Nursing Informatics Project Discussion Paper
In 1998 a national steering committee was formed to address Nursing Informatics issues and develop strategies to ensure that Registered Nurses have the competencies required to successfully carry out the responsibilities of their practice - whether that be clinical, administrative, educational or research. The committee membership represented the Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing, Canadian Nurses Association, Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia, Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses and COACH Nursing Informatics Group.

Nursing Informatics.com
This Nursing Informatics site offers unique comprehensive resources for Nurses interested in developing related knowledge and applicable skills. This site, created by June Kaminski from Western Canada is intended to become an online mecca for Nurses enthusiastic about the evolving topic of Nursing Informatics in practice, education, research and administration. Also offers approved Continuing Education courses in Nursing Informatics.

Nursing Informatics Working Group of the AMIA.
Responsible for promoting the advancement and integration of NI into the broader context of Health Care. NI-WG will assist in advancing the field of NI by fostering innovation and scientific exchange, education of professionals and the public, and influencing decision and policy makers regarding the use of information in nursing and healthcare.

OJNI: Online Journal of Nursing Informatics
The aim of OJNI is to publish peer-reviewed, original, high quality scientific papers, review articles, practice-based articles, and databases related to nursing informatics.

Programs, Courses & Links in Nursing Informatics
Nursing World presents this collection of American links for informatics and technology in nursing.

Technology Tools for Today's Campuses
Horizon's mission is to inform educators about the challenges that they will face in a changing world and steps they can take to meet these challenges.

Telemedicine Information Exchange & Research Center
Comprehensive, international, quality filtered online resource for information about telemedicine and telemedicine related activities. A non-profit public service research organization dedicated to promoting telemedicine research and the creating, managing and disseminating infromation about telemedicine related issues.

What is Nursing Informatics and why is it so important?
Canadian Nurses Association Bulletin: Nursing Now, Number 11, September 2001.

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