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A Genre Approach to Applying Critical Social Theory
to Information Systems Development

Tero Päivärinta Information Technology Research Institute University of Jyvaskyla, Finland presented this paper, "Critical Social Theory has been regarded as an alternative approach to information systems development in the era of ubiquitous information technologies and extensive applications. However, critical theorists have so far clarified few fundamental concepts to be actually discussed, planned and implemented in practical development initiatives to constitute a proper systems development approach. This paper contributes by reflecting fundamental concepts of the genre theory of organisational communication on the goals and guiding principles of Critical Social Theory.

American Humanism Assocation
The mission of the American Humanist Association is to promote the spread of humanism, raise public awareness and acceptance of humanism, and encourage the continued refinement of the humanist philosophy. The AHA works democratically to establish and protect the rights of humanists in a peaceful, sustainable world of hope, opportunity, and fulfillment for all. We welcome as members those who share the humanist quest and dream, and cooperate with others who seek to further these ends.

Center for Critical Social Theory
The Centre was established in 1997 with a grant from Sussex University's research development fund. The Centre publishes, in collaboration with the Warwick Social Theory Centre, the journal Papers in Social Theory. In 1999 the Centre sponsored the launch of Studies in Social and Political Thought.

Communication Richness in Electronic Mail: Critical Social Theory
Since its inception, IS research on communication richness has been limited to the perspective of positivism and, more recently, interpretivism. In this study, we introduce a new perspective to the study of communication richness in computer mediated communication, critical social theory (CST).

Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory, and Postmodern Thought
Rich resource from the University of Colorado at Denver's School of Education. Features dozens of lauded experts in the field - including Habermas, Marx, Marcuse, Foucault, and Heidegger.

In association with the Philosophy Research Base at erraticimpact.com, this website aims to combine the best textual and visual resources with the best online resources in Critical Theory, Cultural Theory, Literary Theory, Feminist Theory, Post-Feminist Theory, Gender Theory, Music Theory, Queer Theory, Postmodernism, and related subjects.

Critical Inquiry Journal
From the University of Chicago Press, an online quarterly scholarly journal (full text available) on diverse critical theories.

Critical Theory and the Crisis of Social Theory
Growing dissatisfaction with the dominant methodologies and theories produced by the mainstream promoted a search for alternative methodologies and conceptions of social theory and research. The new paradigms of phenomenology, enthno-methodology, structuralism, Marxism, feminism, and other critical theories offered new conceptions which claimed to be more adequate in characterizing contemporary society and in providing inspiration and guidance for transforming it. These theories have caused much ferment in the field of social theory and have inspired heated debates over the nature, methods, and goals of critical social theory.

Ereignis: Martin Heidegger
A comprehensive site featuring information and samples of the work of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976).

Arts and Humanities (classic and contemporary) collections - The EServer is based at the University of Washington. We are increasing efforts to publish new works (31732 so far).

Experiencing the World through Interactive Learning Environments
In this work, I focus on potential effects that the intensive use oftechnologies such as Interactive Learning Environments-taking place in thecontext of communities increasingly penetrated by all kinds of technologies- could have on the users themselves, specifically, at the fundamental ontological level of how people "open themselves to the world" and "how the world touches them."

Habermas Forum
The Critical Social Theory of Jurgen Habermas. "One might epitomize Habermas's entire intellectual project and his fundamental stance as writing a new Dialectic of Enlightenment - one which does full justice to the dark side of the Enlightenment legacy, explains its causes but nevertheless redeems and justifies the hope of freedom, justice, and happiness which stubbornly speaks to us."

IHS: The Institute for Humanist Study
The Institute for Humanist Studies offers a free course about humanism on its Continuum of Humanist Education website. Introduction to Humanism: A Primer on the History, Philosophy, and Goals of Humanism is authored by IHS executive director Matt Cherry. Students have access to a humanist glossary, auto-graded quizzes, and a community message board.

Illuminations: The Critical Theory Website
Wonderful introduction to the major theorists. Firmly based in Frankfurt School thought, this site maintains a collection of articles, excerpts, and chapters from many contemporary writers of and about Critical Theory.

Intermundo: The Culture Network
Articles and features with news and views from the world of intercultural communication. Streaming, on-demand videos for education and research. Forums, articles, book reviews, resources.

Introductory Guide to Critical Theory
Excellent presentation of critical theory specifically for undergraduate students from Dino Felluga of Purdue University. Gender & Sex, Marxism, New Historicism, Narratology, Post modernism, Psychoanalysis.

Post-modern Culture
An Online Journal from John Hopkins University Press. Founded in 1990 as an experiment in scholarly publishing on the Internet, Postmodern Culture has become the leading electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures. As an entirely web-based journal, PMC can publish still images, sound, animation, and full-motion video as well as text.

Rhetorical and Cultural Studies: Critical Theory
Excellent collection of information, biographies, published works and philosophies of 22 of the greatest critical thinkers from the University of Iowa Department of Communication Studies.

The Need for Transcendence in the PostModern World
By Vaclav Havel - "In this postmodern world, cultural conflicts are becoming more dangerous than any time in history. A new model of coexistence is needed, based on man's transcending himself."

The Philosophy of Humanism
Updated version (eighth edition) by Corliss Lamont. Full gender free manuscript of this classic text.

Towards a New/Old Humanism:
Transitional States of Consciousness as a Clue?

By Dejan Rakovic of Belgrade University, Yugoslavia. "A deeper biophysical understanding of the nature of consciousness and transpersonal phenomena might soon gives rise to a scientific understanding and empirical verification of even fundamental philosophical/religious questions (like the practical/spiritual significance of imperative moral behavior of every individual, which is extremely important for the accelerated integration and spiritual evolution of personality) - and appearance of a new/old humanism; a new/old one without meaningless, painful interpersonal, inter-ethnical, and inter-religious conflicts."

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