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Above the Influence
Rich interactive and multi-media site dedicated to guiding young people to resist peer pressure that promotes drug and alcohol use. It also guides youth in supporting their friends to do the same.

CARE: Advocacy Tools and Guidelines
Excellent and comprehensive advocacy guide for global and local initiatives from the grassroots to the organized level.

Citizens for Global Action
This organization envisions a future in which nations work together to abolish war, protect our rights and freedoms, and solve the problems facing humanity that no nation can solve alone. This vision requires effective democratic global institutions that will apply the rule of law while respecting the diversity and autonomy of national and local communities.

Citizens Handbook
A Guide to Building Community by the Vancouver Citizen's Committee.

Community Media: Services and Resources for Non-Profit Groups
Provides services and resources for community organizations for producing usable radio programs, get media coverage, promoting web based campaigns, and other workshops and programs.

Dalai Lama Foundation
Excellent resources for promoting education and projects that address ethics, peace, compassion, including study guides, modules, curriculum on "The Missing Peace" for children, youth and adults.

Developing effective coalitions: An eight step guide
Written by L. Cohen, N. Baer, and P. Satterwhite (2002) for the Prevention Institute, Oakland, California, this guide provides useful information for health professionals who wish to become involved or lead activist coalitions.

DoGooder TV
This incredible service enables nonprofit organizations to present new videos and existing media assets to new audiences on the Internet. Once site visitors see the compelling stories of nonprofits, DoGooderTV gives them a direct way to donate to the organization, join, volunteer or simply find out more information.

This group is dedicated to building global community through local environmental restoration service, primarily in Washington State.

An activist, research-based site intended to catalyze human awareness of ecological issues and solutions. Created by June Kaminski with contributions from Kwantlen 3rd and 4th year students.

Greenpeace International
The well known activist group, dedicated to health of the planet and humanity. In their own words, "Greenpeace exists because this fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action."

Guidelines on shaping effective health policy
The International Council of Nurses produced this excellent pdf brochure (2003) for nurses around the world to use to can influence health policy through the four components of:the policy process, policy reform, the policy environment and by lobbying and becoming policy makers.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
The official site for this amazing pair of caring agencies, featuring their humanitarian Initiatives plus World Disaster Reports.

Leonardo Di Caprio's Eco-site
Excellent evironmental site built by the actor to motivate the younger generation to become involved in critical global warming and ecological crisis issues.

Nautilus Institute
Dorothy Denning of Georgetown University presents a thoughtful treatise on the influence of the internet as a tool to change foreign policy.

NetAction's Virtual Activist Training Guide
An excellent, detailed primer on using the Internet for political activism.

Nurse Activism
This site has been created to offer theory, resources, examples, research, news, and tools to help nurses unite, organize, and participate in activist initiatives that contribute to the health, well-being, peace, and harmony of humanity and all of Planet Earth. Created by June Kaminski with contributions from Kwantlen 3rd and 4th year students.

Planet Friendly
A unique gateway to environment, peace and sustainable living, in Canada and beyond.

Population Institute
Overpopulation is not a distant issue. Its overwhelming problems are upon us. Every member of every future generation will be directly affected by what you and The Population Institute do now.

Project Mind Foundation: World Transformation
Holistic Scientific Research to free the human spirit from the crushing illusion of materialism by using the transformative genius, latent in all humans, to eliminate real and addictive lack

Sierra Club of Canada
The mission of the Sierra Club of Canada is to develop a diverse, well-trained grassroots network working to protect the integrity of our global ecosystems.

Social Change Network
This Australian organization offers usable directives in how to use the media (Internet, newspapers, magazines, television, journalists) to promote social change.

Sustainability Network
This group's mission is to enrich Canadian environmental leaders and nonprofit organizations through programs, services and support that help them increase their capacity to lead, manage and strategize.

The Truth About Nursing
This rich, comprehensive site is dedicated to increasing the general public's image of the Nursing profession by shaping media portrayals of nurses in television, film, print, advertisements, and other media sources.

The World Revolution
A new, large-scale, activist social movement for progressive social change.

U.N. Development Programme (UNDP)
Sustainable Global Human Development, Statistics, Publications.

U.N. Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA)
Reproductive Health and Women's Rights. The Fund also promotes women’s rights, and supports data collection and analysis to help countries achieve sustainable development.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Presents the official United Nations published statement, intended to serve and protect all people.

Working TV
Excellent grassroots inspired video web broadcast site dedicated to societal issues, human rights, and informing the people about vital concerns that affect us all.

Youth Noise
A collection of pertinent causes relevant to youth on a global scale including animal rights, arts and music, environmental and health issues, human rights, poverty, homelessness, and so on.

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